BioEcoMe Dry Skin Exfoliating Body Brush

Our dry skin brush caters to all your daily skin needs. The Soft brush will give your skin its daily dose of rejuvenation and our Hard brush will tackle those dry skin areas which build from time to time.
Our brushes can be used with the handle and without.


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BioEcoMe 3 in 1 Natural Dry Skin Exfoliating Body Brush


We have designed our 3-in-1 to suit your skin’s needs all year round!! The different heads can be used with or without the bamboo handle making it an easy to use brush suited for deep scrubbing and getting to those tough areas.

Brush Heads:

  • Our Hard brush with Cactus bristles are designed to help improve lymphatic drainage, targeting cellulite and rough skin, leaving you with soft and smooth results.
  • Our Soft skin brush with Natural Boar bristles are designed for your day to day use; this brush will help increase the blood circulation and enable the replenishment of skin cells. A completely natural way to exfoliate and massage your skin leaving it radiant and bright.

Why Should We Exfoliate?

  • As well as increasing circulation for the body, exfoliating is a great way to remove dead skin cells to boost the skins overall radiance. By aiding our skins cell turnover, it ensures our skin remains healthy, fresh and glowing.
  • Exfoliating helps to even out the skin tone by unclogging the pores.

How Often Should We Exfoliate?

  • Most experts would recommend that you exfoliate 2 or 3 times per week for Oily skin – so long as you skin can handle it, please adjust according to your skins needs.
  • For dry skin the recommendation is once per week.
  • Over exfoliating can also lead to long term damages as it compromises the skins barrier functionality.


This pack consists of:

1 x Bamboo Handle
1 x Soft Brush
1 x Hard Brush

Friendly Reminder:

We pride ourselves in being eco-friendly and using products which are not only bridgeable but also re-usable.

Please take care when disposing of your body brush. Being environmentally friendly we ask that you remove the bristles and place in the recycle bin, and the rest of the brush can be placed in the compost bin.

You could even get your creativity on by visiting our recycle page for more ideas on how to upcycle your product!  Recycle

1 review for BioEcoMe Dry Skin Exfoliating Body Brush

  1. paule

    Love it as it leaves my body exfoliated and soft and healthy after each use, definately recommend!!

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Why Bamboo

Our products are 100% biodegradable, ecologically friendly and recyclable

Our sustainably sourced products are 100% biodegradable, which means unlike its plastic rival, it will decompose after being thrown away! But why throw away when you can re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle, and re-use - Checkout our recycle page for more ideas

Well bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants as it can grow up to 4cm in just one hour!! It is a sustainable natural resource which also takes in more carbon dioxide than any other plant and products 30% more oxygen than any other plant

Made from the finest Moso bamboo (The Panda Friendly kind) and with natural antibacterial properties makes our products a very hygienic choice

Every single part of this plant can be used!! Bamboo fibres are the strongest natural fibre known to man meaning that bamboo textiles are exceptionally durable. Bamboo produces its own toxin called bamboo kun, and this antimicrobial bio-agent is toxic to pests but safe for humans and pets and makes bamboo odour free

Our toothbrush bristles are biodegradable nylon - but we always recommend either plucking or cutting them off before putting your bamboo items into compost. The bristles are Charcoal activated to help remove bacteria that might cause plague or bad breath and to help naturally whiten your teeth - but we always recommend either plucking or cutting them off before putting your bamboo items into compost

Dental experts recommend changing your toothbrush every 1-2 months just before the bristles start to fray. This is because bacteria can stick to the bristles, grow and then be transferred directly to the mouth. To avoid this, it is just best practice to change

Our dry skin brush heads come with boar bristles and natural cactus bristles to give you a deep natural clean but also ecologically friendly. Again, we commend taking out the bristles before recycling your heads in the compost bin

Re-Cycle Up-Cycle Re-Use

Recycle, Up-cycle, Re-use

Our sustainably sourced products are 100% biodegradable unlike their plastic rivals meaning they will decompose after being thrown away! But why throw away when you can Re-cycle, Up-cycle and Re-use. Check out our recycle page for more ideas by clicking the button below
Check out our recycling page

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